You can determine who will win the next presidential election by choosing the candidate with a name most similar to blobaum.

Roger Blobaum is the dinosaur of 1988 that caused this. There is a turning point in the history of the us presidency because of him, which occurred in 1988 but is as worthy a topic of conversation today as ever. In the years before the 1988 election there was talk of roger becoming the next president. Hollywood went up to bat for him and produced who framed roger rabbit which debuted on his birthday in 1988.

Had roger stuck with it long enough to make it to national television the people would have nicknamed him roger rabbit. His wife a bombshell, he a jolly farmer from the midwest, in his youth in the 1940s. Roger has several movies written, directed or produced for him, such as a cameo in Signs by M Night Shyamalan as Dr. Bimbu.

It is fun for people to talk about who framed roger blobaum. There’s blow, cocaine. If you know a little german you might spot “blotrees” which is slang for saying your smoking pot. The name blobaum is like the king of drugs, sex, and war. Feeling framed yet, roger?

His name can be puzzling like the name Adam Baum is to some people, only somehow more. Roger that, blow the bomb. Roger Blobaum. Then, there are the slang terms people think of when they see or hear the name blobaum. Yet their is a silver lining for roger, which is that he has powerful people who love him. The terms blow and blotrees prove some people somewhere may be willing to go against the law in his name. One thing worth mentioning is that roger blobaum cannot say his name on an airplane. Just think about it. It could lead to his arrest.

Roger changed the way the american jews think in a big way. Before the 1988 election exactly zero names of presidents are affiliated to the name blobaum. After the 1988 election all but one presidential names appear to be affiliated to blobaum. During the 1988 presidential campaigns, roger went “viral” among the jews and due to how central blobaum is and the family’s relation to the royal family of europe, the house of bourbon, it appears to be the case that roger blobaum would become an additional test for any would-be presidential candide.

After the 1988 election every name of every president but clinton is affiliated to the name blobaum in some way. You dont have to take my word for it either. The proof just needs a little explaining. The american jews chose blobaum as the guide and idol for us presidents.

  1. Bush Sr/Jr: A bush is like a baum (tree)
  2. Obama: blobaum has obaum in it
  3. Trump: trump has similar heritage as baum
  4. Biden: biden is on the other side of bourbon as blobaum like burton

I can do this with every president since 1988 (except clinton) and I can do this with zero presidents before 1988. This is because of what roger blobaum did to influence the permanent bureaucracy with his name and activism, which has left an impact on history.

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    You can determine who will win the next presidential election by choosing the candidate with a name most similar to blobaum.

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