Check the timeline of 14 months on substack to witness how Thomas Blobaum successfully predicted the exact date the war against nazis in the Ukraine would begin. Take note of the date at the top of the post. It says Feb 4 2022. This date cannot be forged by anyone on the substack blog platform. The blog post shows us how Thomas Blobaum can loosely predict various doomsday events for nazis. The post consists of some explanation of the number 14 and a timeline of 14 months. Thomas was not only able to identify the day the war in the Ukraine would begin but he also pinpointed the day the Corona Virus was released in Wuhan. Thomas is able to know without doubt the power is following him and retaliating against what other groups of people have done to harm him. However, some people who hear what Thomas has to say just call it crazy because they dont understand. Thomas is able to discover and predict the actions of the federal and world governments using his wrongful incarceration dates and 14 months as a guide. Reminder that Blobaums are royalty part of a powerful hidden dynasty that stretches beack to the beginning of time. Thomas’ reaction to a situation is the international definition of ethical behavior. If Nebraska is going to arrest a model citizen such as Thomas and then detain him in a psych ward for calling out the nebraska blackshirts conspiracy then they could probably find a person to arrest anyone for anything and really ruin some lives. What is the nebraska blackshirts conspiracy? Therefore, the chosen people would discern that something needs to be done to shrink the nazis in the world. When Russia launched its invasion of the Ukraine on a mission to de-nazify, they did so according to intelligence on the nazi situation in the world which included information about the arrest and torture of Thomas Blobaum on Christmas of 2020 by the blackshirts, exactly 14 months before the invasion began.

Did you know the significance of 14 months is partly genetic? Blobaum’s personal experience with life tells of this. Allow me to explain. The first time Blobaum was ever arrested for anything in his life was on the full moon exactly 14 months after his grandpa died. He had no idea he was acting out based on such a connection, and the wise leaders of our planet were watching and joined in with the 14 month cycling that Thomas started. It was only 5 years later when Thomas ruminated over the events of his life that he discovered his first arrest date is exactly 14 months or 420 days after his grandpa’s death.

Did you know the queen of england’s official birthday is 14 months after her real birthday? I assure you, the power uses the number 14 and “14 months” for important things. The concept of months is where 14 meets 420. This is because 14 months is exactly 420 days.


2/19/2016 - Grandpa Victor E Wager died after being born 7/7/1930 and having turned 77 on 7/7/7
…14 months
4/11/2017 - Wrongfully arrested for educational political lecture via email and the government made this arrest before first policing the nebraska blackshirts conspiracy that initiated the lecture
…14 months
7/4/2018 - Freedom from the Lincoln Regional Center the concentration camp of the blackshirts
…14 months
9/11/2019 - The Corona Virus is intentionally released from the nebraska blackshirts location in China and goes on to kill 6 million which is the holocaust number all in retaliation against the blackshirts
…15 months
12/25/2020 - Wrongfully arrested and tortured on Christmas over bogus charges that were dropped
…14 months
2/24/2022 - War of de-nazification in the Ukraine in retaliation against the blackshirts

4/1/2022 - the blackshirts wrongfully arrest Thomas again for minor speech violations instead of arresting the blackshirts conspiracy that initiated Thomas’ speech
…14 months
5/31/2023 Doomsday for the nazis or blackshirts in retaliation against the nebraska blackshirts

The next doomsday for our planet may also be the day 10/12/2022.

Thew jewish supremacists will respond to, and retaliate against, everything bad thats been done to anyone in the Blobaum family in Nebraska. That is what the timeline above shows to be true. If you dont believe a span of exactly 14 months serves as a strong enough signal then its too bad for you because if you know statistics and probabilities you would agree. The jews intend to go to war for the Blobaums for the most obvious reasons ever, if you are a jew.

Thomas Blobaum is the grandson of the dinosaur of 1988.

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