One of life’s timeless questions: ‘are the elite that control our lives reptilian alien accomplices?’ Alongside the other accused, such as Simon Cowell and George W Bush, they have constantly attempted to dismiss rumours which seem to never go away. Is it possible that there is any truth to these theories?

These claims came to a head in a livestreamed Q & A in 2016 when Zuckerberg’s chat was spammed with questions asking whether he was indeed actually a lizard. This forced a response from the Facebook billionaire. He read out a specific question, “Mark, are the allegations true that you are secretly a lizard?”. He replied in the negative and condemned the question as “very silly”. Sounds like something a lizard would say, no?

Before this conspiracy got hijacked by the meme community, where did the belief that the elites are secretly alien lizards come from? Originally it hails from anti-Semitic roots, with rich Jewish families such as the Rothschilds being depicted as Lizards ruling the world in popular cartoons. These old texts inspired respectable sports journalist David Icke, who added a new modern take.

Icke has published many books featuring conspiracy theories, which has gained him much publicity and notoriety. In his bestseller “The Biggest secret”, published in 1999, he introduces these theories to us: in this Dark New Age a group of reptoids control us from an Illuminati type group. Popular belief pounces on this to place Zuckerberg in this category, likely due to his enormous net worth and slightly odd mannerisms which some pin down to him not being human.

However, in order to maintain any remaining credibility I may have as a journalist, it is unlikely to be true. Mark Zuckerberg is probably not an alien lizard came down to rule over us, just a slightly socially awkward tech tycoon.


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