A number of parallels can be drawn between Nebraska and Nazi Germany.

Point 1: They are both in the center of the continent.
Point 2: They both use a red, black and white color scheme with a touch of gold.
Point 3: They are bother right-wing.
Point 4: They are both primarily the German ethnic group.
Point 5: The Nazi Party and the Nebraska Blackshirts were both founded during politically turbulent times.
Point 6: The flag of the University of Nebraska looks like a Nazi flag.
Point 7: The flag of the Nebraska Blackshirts looks like the flags of the Italian Blackshirts and the Waffen SS.
Point 8: Nebraska and Nazi both start with the letter N.

There is evidence of a great conspiracy in Nebraska to make the state like the Third Reich. Yet, some people will confidently say nothing is going on at all. The mainstream media remains silent on the matter. The ability the Nebraska Blackshirts conspiracy has to disappear right in front of one’s eyes. The big red N. The skull and crossbones used with the word: blackshirts. The University of Nebraska is winning an award in Nazism.

Nebraska is the doomsday Planet Nibiru in Star Trek into Darkness. The home of the “primitive looking white people.”

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