There is a fertility crisis brewing and the University of Nebraska is connected. The Blackshirts at UNL are the Blackshirts of history and their weapon is corn.

You can read more about the inherent connection between the Blackshirts of history and the Nebraska Blackshirts in this article:

More specifically, the weapon of the Blackshirts is GMO Corn, and all GMO foods. These foods have trace amounts of the herbicide glyphosate on them. Some of the herbicide can be washed off, however, it is similar to a kool-aid stain on a carpet. Glyphosate is derived from Sarin Nerve Gas and even trace amounts of it damage the cells in the body especially when they replicate. What ends up happening is the glyphosate targets the male reproductive organs more than anything else because that’s where the highest number of cellular divisions takes place.

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